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UPDATED , ON August 20 ,2015

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Titusvillage Section 1 Protective Association, Inc

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News and Announcements

The next Board Of Directors meeting has been scheduled for 7 P.M., August 25th, 2015 at the offices of Collins Realty Group, Inc, 3880 South Washington Ave, Suite 232 here in Titusville. Click here to download the PDF file.

A Notice of Election and Annual Members Meeting has been mailed to all unit owners. The meeting is at 7pm on September 8th, 2015, at the YMCA Conference Room.

Lawn and Shrub Memo mailed to all unit owners with July quarterly assessment notice. (PDF)

Thursday, August 20, 2015. The BOD meeting schedule has been modified: Click this link for a PDF document showing the dates and location for all the scheduled meetings for 2015

 Agenda for the July 28, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, August 20, 2015 “Please Take A Moment” Owner Registration Form for ALL Unit owners....

Note:  Effective 5-1-2015 we have contracted with DiPaasquale’s Lawn Care, Inc.  Click here to see the notice to residents mailed with the HOA dues assessment 4-1-2015. This is especially important if you do NOT want the landscapers to trim your buses, shrubs or plants. They will also now be doing our outside and interior pest control as of June 1st.


02/21/2015:  Documents have been uploaded from Collins Realty. This includes the 02/24/2015 Board Meeting Agenda, the HOA Minutes from 01/20/2015, the HOA Minutes from 11/12/2014, the HOA Annual Meeting Minutes from 10/22/2014. (Financial data has been redacted pending BOD direction.)

Our Annual Membership Meeting was held on October 22nd at the YMCA here in Titusville.  At this meeting a new Board of Directors was voted in, with Amy Williams being selected as President and Bob Payette being selected as Vice President.  A complete listing of our Board members are on the link above and The Board tab of this site.  Both Amy and Bob’s telephone numbers and email address’s are on the tab so that our Association Members have quick and easy access to assistance in answering questions and for help in resolving issues that pertain to Titusville Section 1 Protective Association members. There will be a joint meeting between the incoming and outgoing Boards, and this has tentatively been scheduled for November 12th, 7pm, at Amy’s home.


Update February 2015:  The Board of Directors of Titusvillage Section One Protective Association, Inc. has hired the Collins Realty Group, Inc to assist us in the management aof our Association.  You can read the letter Dennis Collins sent to all our owners on Feb 3, 2015 here (PDF download).



Updates often....check it out!  Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog .

March 17th, 2013:  Added the new 2013-2014 Titusville sprinkler regs to our Documents Tab.

The Declaration of Restrictions document was added (PDF) to the Documents tab of the website on March 20th, 2013.

Thursday, August 20, 2015 Lawn and Shrub Memo mailed to all unit owners with July quarterly assessment notice. (PDF)

Home Security Suggestions

Economic down times bring a multitude of social problems. For sure, Titusville and this part of the Space Coast certainly have had more than their share of unemployment, foreclosures, and, subsequently, crime.

Too many reports from neighbors and friends have told of break-ins and thefts. Our neighborhood needs everyone to take the necessary precautions to secure their vehicles and residences. We shouldn’t hear of unlocked doors and vehicles making things easier on the criminals.

There are many things we can do make Titusvillage an unappealing target. Bear traps and Burmese Tiger pits are illegal but we have other options. This is not an absolute list but if it brings more discussion among our residents then it will be a success. Be sure to share  your ideas.

A.  Lighting is always a good deterrent.
        1. Be sure your driveway post lights are functioning, dusk to dawn.
        2. Motion detecting floodlights are useful.
        3. Landscape lighting in backyards, either dusk to dawn and/or with a motion detector can help neighbors spot intruders.
        4. Indoor light timers can help confuse anyone looking for an empty home.

Secure doors and windows make entry more difficult.
        1.Sliding glass doors are a weak spot. Shop for various add-ons that require lifting both/all     doors at once to break in.
        2. Be sure your deadbolt locks are functioning and used.
        3. Remember that your garage door openers are typically left in the car so either bring them in at night or secure them in the car.
        4. Car alarms can be annoying but that noise certainly alerts everyone in the area. Force the crook to break into the car by locking the doors and let the alarm scare them away.
        5. Screens don’t provide any protection so don’t leave valuables out on any porches.
        6. Hiding your spare key anywhere near your door is a bad idea. If you’ve thought of the hiding place, odds are that criminals have a lot of experience in finding those places.
        7. I’ve been told of newer lock technologies that can foil most criminals. Very little is foolproof but the goal is to make it more difficult and noisy to break into your home.

Work with your neighbors to cover each other’s blind spots.
       1. Let your neighbor know when you’ll be away for any length of time and provide them with a phone number.
        2. Part of our Titusvillage section backs up against another section. Working with them for our mutual protection would be a good idea.

There is no need to lose our relaxed life-style. We can be safe and alert without losing sleep or valuables.






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