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UPDATED , ON August 20 ,2015

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Titusvillage Section 1 Protective Association, Inc

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The Board of Directors



President:  Amy Williams
2291 Heritage Drive -Telephone: 321-268-4820 - Email:

Vice-President: Robert R. Payette 1960 Dipol Courtway - Telephone: 860-460-7945 - Email:

Secretary/Treasurer:  Vivian Freeman - Telephone 323-264-9935, Email

ARC Co-Chairman:  Neil Johnson, Telephone 321-268-1799, Email:

Sharon Willman

Member-At-Large:  Beth Bonaccorso

Board Member and point of contact for lawn services, pest control and common area sprinkler: 
Ricky Copeland

Communications:  Bob Payette (Web Design and maintenance) 860.460.7945 Email:


Collins Realty Group, Inc. has been hired by the Board of Directors of Titusvillage Section One Protective Association, Inc as a liaison between the Board and our property owners. Their function is to enforce deed restrictions, collect assessments, monitor common areas, pay bills and keep the Associaiton in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. This is their contact information

Karen Collins: Telephone 1.866.266.0174 or 321.607.6743 Fax: 321.607.6745 Email: - Website:

Mail to: Collins Realty Group, Inc, 3880 S. Washington Ave, Suite 232, Titusville, Fl 32780


[Titusvillage Section 1 Protective Association.] [FAQ] [What's NEW] [Contact Us] [The Board] [Newsletter.] [Documents] [Photos] [Around us] [Disclaimer]